Server Rules

1. No Hacks/ X-ray mod or texturepack

No hack or mod that show you ore will be tolerated on the server. You may be demoted or worse.

 2. Do NOT ask for ranks or items

This is very annoying and irritating for the Staff members. Besides, the only thing you will get is a mute

3. No spamming the chat

Don’t even think about doing that. You know what we mean. Otherwise you’ll be muted.

4. Respect ALL players

Respect the staff and nothing will happen to you. This doesn’t mean you should respect a normal player.

5. No CAPS

3-4 letters word can be tolerated if there is no abuse. Besides that, keep the chat clean. Don’t make it harder to read.


This will not be tolerated and a direct action of kick, mute or worse might be taken.

NOTE: If you see someone breaking the rules, taking screenshots is highly recommended since that is the evidence you can provide. Recording is even better.